Journey to the unknown

Friday, February 10, 2017

by Christina Esi Aidoo
Christina Esi Aidoo was welcomed into the candidate program of the Sisters of the Holy Cross in December.

I am Christina Esi Aidoo, a 26-year-old from the Cape Coast in the Central Region of Ghana and an Akan, precisely a Fanti. I am the oldest of seven children and have a diploma certificate in social work from the School of Social Work at Osu in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

My desire to enter religious life was first aroused as a child when I saw a sister at our parish. I wished to become like her when I grew up. This desire kept growing until one day, I came into contact with Sister Evelyn Ntiamoah during the Feast of Christ the King, at Akropong, where she came for a vocation promotion.
I went to connect with her as my senior colleague social worker. Her speech had touched my heart and I admired her as she spoke. We exchanged contact information and I started visiting regularly. After some time, I prayerfully made a bold decision and, in faith, began the live-in program.

I discerned gracefully and prayerfully and applied to the next stage of formation to continue my journey and was accepted. As I continue to discern my vocation in Holy Cross, I ask for the grace and the strength from God to discern my call into religious life.

Christina’s reception prayer

Spirit of Guidance, I see before me numerous choices and a decision to be made. There is division in my heart. Sometimes I want it all. Sometimes I want to give up making decisions and wish that the future would go away. I entrust my decision-making into your hands, ready to do my part but also knowing that I cannot do this without your help. Lead me through all the unsure, unclear, doubtful, hesitant, and questioning moments that are mine as I search to find the right way in which to go.

Grant me the grace to choose freely, without being attached to the outcome. I trust that you will be with me as I make my decision prayerfully and with faith. Assure me that your peace will rest deep within me as I make the decision that seems best for me at this time.

Prayer for an end to human trafficking

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The feast day of St. Josephine Bakhita, February 8, is designated as an annual day of prayer for survivors and victims of human trafficking. The crime of human trafficking must be addressed everywhere by all people who believe in justice, freedom and human rights.

Please join us in the following prayer

O God, when we hear of children and adults deceived and taken to unknown places for purposes of sexual exploitation, forced labor and organ “harvesting,” our hearts are saddened and our spirits angry that their dignity and rights are ignored through threats, lies and force. We cry out against the evil practice of this modern slavery and pray with St. Bakhita for it to end. Give us wisdom and courage to reach out and stand with those whose bodies, hearts and spirits have been so wounded, so that together we may make real your promises to fill these sisters and brothers with a love that is tender and good. Send the exploiters away empty-handed to be converted from this wickedness, and help us all to claim the freedom that is your gift to your children.  Amen.