Journey to the unknown

Friday, February 10, 2017

by Christina Esi Aidoo
Christina Esi Aidoo was welcomed into the candidate program of the Sisters of the Holy Cross in December.

I am Christina Esi Aidoo, a 26-year-old from the Cape Coast in the Central Region of Ghana and an Akan, precisely a Fanti. I am the oldest of seven children and have a diploma certificate in social work from the School of Social Work at Osu in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

My desire to enter religious life was first aroused as a child when I saw a sister at our parish. I wished to become like her when I grew up. This desire kept growing until one day, I came into contact with Sister Evelyn Ntiamoah during the Feast of Christ the King, at Akropong, where she came for a vocation promotion.
I went to connect with her as my senior colleague social worker. Her speech had touched my heart and I admired her as she spoke. We exchanged contact information and I started visiting regularly. After some time, I prayerfully made a bold decision and, in faith, began the live-in program.

I discerned gracefully and prayerfully and applied to the next stage of formation to continue my journey and was accepted. As I continue to discern my vocation in Holy Cross, I ask for the grace and the strength from God to discern my call into religious life.

Christina’s reception prayer

Spirit of Guidance, I see before me numerous choices and a decision to be made. There is division in my heart. Sometimes I want it all. Sometimes I want to give up making decisions and wish that the future would go away. I entrust my decision-making into your hands, ready to do my part but also knowing that I cannot do this without your help. Lead me through all the unsure, unclear, doubtful, hesitant, and questioning moments that are mine as I search to find the right way in which to go.

Grant me the grace to choose freely, without being attached to the outcome. I trust that you will be with me as I make my decision prayerfully and with faith. Assure me that your peace will rest deep within me as I make the decision that seems best for me at this time.

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